Archives 101: Knowing which documents to retrieve from where doesn't matter if the records become unusable!

During the month of April the NCAR Archives will be offering a glimpse of what an archivist does behind the scenes with boxes of records. Check back often for new posts!


Knowing which documents to retrieve and where to find them is of little advantage if the records deteriorate to the point that they can't be used. Once your collection of papers has been arranged and described, Preservation becomes an issue. At NCAR, the Archives is a place that is secure, out of direct sunlight, and of stable room temperature-- all important factors in preserving our institutional history.

Acid-free boxes and folders are used to help preserve archival materials over time.  In the home environment, never store your archival materials in overheated attics, damp basements, or unheated outbuildings like a garage or barn.

The NCAR Archivist is happy to answer questions about how to preserve historically significant materials, just ask!

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The NCAR Archives preserves the institutional history of NCAR|UCAR. The Archives acquires, manages, makes accessible resources documenting the activities undertaken by NCAR|UCAR in the areas of Earth systems science research, technology, education, and community building.

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