Records Management: UPDATE

At their April meeting, the President's Council unanimously agreed that the necessary steps must be taken to expedite the process of removing all boxes from Iron Mountain storage that are not contractually required records.  Effective immediately, we will implement the following timeline:

The first step is to decide what boxes currently stored at Iron Mountain by your Division or Lab can be destroyed and email this list to Yvonne Mondragon by 7/31/10. These boxes will be destroyed immediately at no expense to you.

Permanent Withdrawals
The remainder of the boxes on your lists will be deemed to be permanently withdrawn from Iron Mountain. Yvonne Mondragon will work closely with you and Logistics Operations staff to have these boxes withdrawn and returned to you. Please note that this process will be done over the course of many months until all the boxes are out of Iron Mountain. The permanent withdrawal of these boxes will be at no expense to you.

There is no storage available onsite; if you don't have room for your boxes you must make your own arrangements for offsite storage. Please work with your Contracts Administrator to make the necessary arrangements. Future storage costs will be at your Division / Lab/Program expense.

Resources to help you make your decisions
NCAR Archives / Records Management web page -
Questions about archival or historical records? Contact the archivist at 
Questions about business records, official records or convenience records? Contact David Sundvall at x8898,

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