October 6th is Digital Archives Day

October 6th is the first annual Digital Archives Day!  Digital archives increasingly store born-digital materials. Born-digital means anything that was originally created on an electronic device. Think about photos you take with your digital camera or phone, documents you type up in Microsoft Word, email you send from your Web mail account, and even your Facebook posts or Twitter tweets.  The NCAR Archives also collects born-digital archival content, preserving this content for future generations as part of the documentary record of NCAR/UCAR. 

To celebrate the Day of Digital Archives, take 20-30 minutes to improve how you manage your digital files:

  1. Take a look at what you would miss if your computer or cell phone stopped working right this minute. Make plans to safeguard that content.
  2. Back up your most important files to location(s) other than the device or website they’re currently on
  3. Clean out your My Documents folder, improving your file names by making sure they’re descriptive
  4. Have some floppies or CDs hanging around, and want to make sure that content stays with you? If you still can, take time to transfer those files to an external hard drive or storage service online.

Now that you know what to look for, keep an eye out for digital archives – I bet they’re more common than you think!

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