50th Anniversary Time Capsule

Sealed 2010. Open 2035.




Enclosed in the time capsule are over 90 items, mostly in electronic format. Here is just a sample of some of the time capsule contents and our history:

Computer chip

32-bit communication board

Audio tour equipment 

Audio tour for the Mesa Laboratory

BEACHON researcher 

Photo from BEACHON field project


UCAR/NCAR brochures

NCAR Twitter page 

NCAR Twitter page

 Mauna Loa

Photo of the Coronal Multichannel Polarimeter (CoMP) telescope

 Compostable cups

Compostable cups



 Warren Washington and Akira Kasahara

Photo of Akira Kasahara and Warren Washington

 Cell phone and flash drive

Flash drive and cell phone

 NCAR Facebook page

NCAR Facebook page

Vortex photograph

Photo from VORTEX2

 Plastic deer

Plastic deer hidden around NCAR for the 40th Anniversary celebration

 HAO stickers

Stickers from the High Altitude Observatory (HAO)

 Projected sea ice

Artic sea ice in 2010 and projected sea ice in 2035