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Support COMET’s MetEd Online Weather Training

COMET’s  MetEd free, online training courses help more than 275,000 meteorologists, pilots, firefighters, emergency managers, other professionals, and students better predict potential threats to society, including hurricanes and severe storms, aviation hazards, tsunamis, and emergency responses to hazardous releases.

MetEd is seeking donations to continue service to its global community. Recent budget cuts and sequestration impact have forced several government agencies sponsoring MetEd to reduce, delay, or eliminate funding for the program’s base expenses.

“Meteorologists who provide critical prediction services for the nation’s weather services and the U.S. military, as well as pilots and emergency managers, rely on MetEd to stay up to date on forecasting research and technology,” says COMET director Rich Jeffries. “Without MetEd, the ability of these forecasters and other professionals to keep their skills current and provide needed predictions of potentially dangerous weather events would be seriously impaired.”

For more information see UCAR/NCAR AtmosNews. Click on Donate to support this valuable resource.


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