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Recorded: Film and Audio from NCAR and UCAR

Recorded: Film and Audio from NCAR and UCAR

Film has played an important role in the scientific endeavors at NCAR from 1940s recordings of activity on the Sun at HAO to live-streamed lectures in 2021. The NCAR Archives recently digitized over 130 historic films and audio recordings. This exhibit features some of those recordings to highlight the role of audiovisual materials in capturing observational data, sharing breakthroughs with the scientific community, transforming data into compelling graphics, communicating about science to the public, and capturing NCAR's unique history.

New building for HAO and the Department of Astro-Geophysics at CU, 1960. Observatory dome with large building to the right.

Walter Orr Roberts: Building HAO, NCAR, and a Foundation for Scientific Innovation in Boulder

Walter Orr Roberts established the High Altitude Observatory, founded the Department of Astro-Geophysics at CU-Boulder, and served as the first director of NCAR and the first president of UCAR. Roberts helped build a scientific community in Boulder and created lasting partnerships between scientific institutions in the area.  This exhibit brings together material from the NCAR Archives and the Special Collections, Archives, and Preservation at the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries in order to share the history of Walter Orr Roberts and the development of scientific organizations in Boulder.

NCAR|UCAR Timeline

NCAR | UCAR Timeline

Explore important moments from NCAR and UCAR history through photographs, documents, and film from the archives. 

Warren Washington

Special Collection: Warren M. Washington

The archival papers of Warren M. Washington, covering the period 1963-2019, document his scientific, professional, and advisory activities, as well as his significant contributions to diversity issues, particularly the enhancement of opportunities for people of color in science.

Mesa Lab construction

The Design and Construction of the Mesa Laboratory

This online exhibit traces the beginning of NCAR and its iconic Mesa Laboratory through original photographs, documents, films, and oral history interviews.

Celebrating 50 Years at the Mesa Laboratory

Celebrating 50 Years at the Mesa Laboratory

2017 marks 50 years of scientific innovation at the Mesa Laboratory. Explore photographs, videos, and ephemera from the original dedication of the Mesa Laboratory on May 10th, 1967, and from the anniversary and rededication in 2017.

UCAR Records

The High Altitude Observatory (HAO) Exhibit

To celebrate the High Altitude Observatory's 75th anniversary, the NCAR Archives is pleased to present the HAO Online Exhibit. The Archives holds a large collection of historical HAO records, including Walter Orr Roberts' handwritten logbooks, early newsletters and reports from the Climax Observatory, and hundreds of photographs.

Joachim Kuettner

Joachim Kuettner

A memorium to Joachim Kuettner, "the eminent researcher, administrator, field project leader, and glider pilot, highlighting his accomplishments and research from his seven-decade career.

UCAR Records

UCAR's Beginnings

The UCAR's Beginnings digital collection contains more than 60 original documents created during the infancy of UCAR and NCAR, including important correspondence and official meeting minutes.

NCAR Archives Mission

The NCAR Archives preserves the institutional history of NCAR|UCAR. The Archives acquires, manages, makes accessible resources documenting the activities undertaken by NCAR|UCAR in the areas of Earth systems science research, technology, education, and community building.

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