Oral Histories

Two distinct oral history programs were established at UCAR in 1986 as part of the effort to define and clarify the recent history of the atmospheric sciences.

I.M. Pei reviews construction plans
I.M. Pei reviews construction plans.

The American Meteorological Society Oral History Project (AMS-OHP)

The American Meteorological Society Oral History Project (AMS-OHP) was created as a joint program between the American Meteorological Society and UCAR. The project is especially rich in interviews that capture the memories of scientists who launched much of the innovative meteorological research in postwar America.

The AMS-OHP collection has been transferred to a digital format with the hope of providing increased access to both audio files and transcripts online in the future, as well as fulfilling our mission to preserve historical context for future generations.

Many interviews and transcripts are available online.

The NCAR/UCAR Oral History Project

The NCAR/UCAR Oral History Project documents the history of UCAR through interviews, recorded discussions, and lectures by staff and others. The project has a strong focus on the creation and development of NCAR as well as the design and construction of the Mesa Laboratory by I.M. Pei, early in the Center's history.

Many interviews and transcripts are available online.

NCAR Archives Mission

The NCAR Archives preserves the institutional history of NCAR|UCAR. The Archives acquires, manages, makes accessible resources documenting the activities undertaken by NCAR|UCAR in the areas of Earth systems science research, technology, education, and community building.

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