Learn about NCAR/UCAR History

Project DUSTORM 1975

Could a dust storm in New Mexico influence a thunderstorm in Missouri? The scientists behind Project DUSTORM aimed to answer just that question.

Early Ice Formation Research

Learn about early ice crystal and hail research at NCAR through the films, photos, and documents of the era.

Recorded: Film and Audio from NCAR and UCAR

This exhibit features recordings to highlight the role of audiovisual materials in capturing observational data, sharing breakthroughs with the scientific community, transforming data into compelling graphics, communicating about science to the public, and capturing NCAR's unique history.

Walter Orr Roberts

Walter Orr Roberts was a renowned scientist, leader, and pioneer in the fields of solar-terrestrial study, astronomy, and climate science. 

NSF NCAR Timeline

Explore important moments from NCAR and UCAR history through photographs, documents, and film from the archives. 

Warren Washington

Warren M. Washington is an NCAR Distinguished Scholar and senior scientist in the Climate Change Research Section in the Climate and Global Dynamics Division at NCAR.

Design and Construction of the NCAR Mesa Lab

This is the story of the Mesa Laboratory, its design, construction, and importance to the study of the atmosphere and our Earth.

Celebrating 50 Years at the Mesa Laboratory

2017 marked 50 years of scientific innovation at the Mesa Laboratory. An anniversary celebration took place on August 17, 2017.

The High Altitude Observatory (HAO) Exhibit

In 1940, Harvard graduate student Walter Orr Roberts and his doctoral adviser, astrophysicist Donald Menzel, founded a small solar observing station high on the Continental Divide in Climax, Colorado. 

UCAR's Beginnings

The UCAR's Beginnings digital collection contains more than 60 original documents created during the infancy of UCAR and NCAR, including important correspondence and official meeting minutes.