About Warren

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Warren M. Washington is an NCAR Distinguished Scholar and senior scientist in the Climate Change Research Section in the Climate and Global Dynamics Division at NCAR. A recent award (one of many) sums up Dr. Washington's achievements: "In recognition of a lifetime of extraordinary contributions to national and international science, on behalf of the U. S. Department of Energy, I wish to express our appreciation. You have advised five presidents, given wise and insightful counsel to colleagues, advice to the Department of Energy and other federal agencies, and mentored directly and as a role model to enumerable young people. Your numerous scientific contributions to climate modeling have provided new knowledge on how the Earth's climate may respond to human and natural system changes. I commend and thank you for your service to science and to humankind."

Timeline Exploration

Early Years

First influences on Warren's career


Arrives at NCAR; pursues climate modeling

1970 - 1979

Innovative science in a time of cultural change


Serves on many scientific boards & societies


Pushes research on the impacts of climate change


Mentors the next generation; Receives honors; Advises leaders