Timeline Exploration -- 1980 - 1989

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Biographical Highlights

  • 1986 Warren and Claire Parkinson publish An Introduction to Three-Dimensional Climate Modeling, a widely-used, introductory textbook.
  • 1988 Served on AAAS Committees: Minorities in Science, Opportunities in Science, Panel on Black Scientists.
  • 1988 Served on AMS (American Meteorological Society) Board on Women and Minorities for a second time.
  • 1988 Part of NCAR team of scientists and programmers that built the first fully coupled climate model.


  • 1989 Letter to David Allan Bromley, Science Advisor to U.S. President George H. W. Bush, rebutting Senator John Sununu's statements characterizing Warren's climate change research. (read)

Photographs, Figures, Posters

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1980 Warren standing in front of a Cray supercomputer.
1980 Warren, circa 1980s.
1984 Warren with longtime scientific colleague, Akira Kasahara, circa 1984-1985.
1989 Warren and Mary Washington with Dr. Zhou, the President of the World Meteorological Organization.