Timeline Exploration -- 1990 - 1999

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Biographical Highlights

  • 1990 Began serving on the Secretary of Energy's Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee.
  • 1994 Elected President of the American Meteorological Society (AMS).
  • 1997 Induction into the National Academy of Sciences Portrait Collection of African Americans in Science, Engineering and Medicine.
  • 1998 Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer.
  • 1999 Awarded the Dr. Charles Anderson Award from the American Meteorological Society for pioneering efforts as a mentor and passionate support of individuals, educational programs, and outreach initiatives designed to foster a diverse population of atmospheric scientists.



Media and Link Year Description
Tim Killeen, Warren Washington, and Rick Anthes pose together. Warren holds a gift. 1993 Warren on the 40th anniversary of his coming to NCAR. Pictured left to right: Tim Killeen (NCAR Director), Warren, Rick Anthes (UCAR President).
Warren Washington emerges from a tent. 1997 Warren visiting the area where rocks from Mars can be found near the South Pole.
Warren on a ladder at the opening of a tunnel surrounded by snow. 1997 Warren inspecting the tunnels under the South Pole station.
People wearing cold weather gear walk towards a square, tunnel-like entrance surrounded by snow. The dome at the South Pole Station is in the background. 1997 The entrance to the South Pole Station.
Warren, left, and Neal, right are seated next to each other and looking towards each other. 1998 Warren and Neal Lane, the Clinton Administration White House Science Advisor.


Animations, Movies, Audio

Title and Link Year Media Type
Interview with Warren about his decision to come to NCAR as a Post Doc, and the nature of NCAR in its early days (total run time: 00:08:06). 1990 Interview
Interview with Warren about the early days of the General Circulation Model and NCAR science (total run time 00:07:26). 1990 Interview

Publications (Published and Refereed)

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