Robert MacQueen

Candid portrait of Robert MacQueen.

Robert MacQueen joined NCAR in 1967 as a scientist with the High Altitude Observatory, was appointed a senior scientist in 1973, and served as HAO director from 1979 to 1986. Dr. MacQueen first served as principal investigator for the white-light coronagraph operated by HAO aboard the manned Skylab satellite during 1973-1974. He also was responsible for analyzing coronal photographs made during the Apollo 15, 16, and 17 lunar landing missions. He later served as principal investigator for several research projects, including HAO’s coronagraph/polarimeter that was launched aboard NASA’s Solar Maximum Mission spacecraft, the rocket coronagraph experiment, and the coronagraph/xray/XUV experiment as part of the Solar Polar Mission.

Dr. MacQueen received the NCAR Technology Award in 1973 and NASA’s Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement in 1974.

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